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How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will depend on the problem you want to work on as well as any previous work you have done. Some problems can be quite complicated and have many aspects where it’s impossible to resolve in only a few sessions. Healing is a process and some issues unfortunately cannot be rushed as they need to be approached in a gradual and gentle way.

Are there any side effects from EFT?

EFT is a harmless approach. However, when tension and painful emotions are expressed you may feel the need to burp or sigh during the session. It is also normal to feel sadness after a session as this is part of the grieving process; however, these feelings normally dissipate after a few hours or days.

Are the results permanent?

In some cases results are permanent and in other cases more work needs ot be done. However, even of some of the emotions return, they are normally less intense. This usually means that there is another aspect to the problem which was not identified in the initial session or they may have surfaced later when the conditions changed.

How do I know if EFT is the right approach for me?

I will show you how EFT works in our consultation meeting and you can tap with me. Most people see the effects of EFT right away. If you are still unsure whether EFT is right for you, I’d suggest booking a single session so you have plenty of time to test the technique and see for yourself. Please also let me know about any questions or reservations you may be having so we have time to address all of them.

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