Overcome your fears FAST

with EFT

Is this how fear feels to you?

Some people feel a sense of dread when thinking about what they fear. They avoid it and don’t want to do anything in front of other people. They sweat and feel overwhelmed, and they can’t think straight. They’re afraid they will faint or die, which makes them feel even more anxious. This is how phobia feels for some people.

There are countless phobias out there. You may be afraid to speak in front of other people, give presentations or interviews or you may have the fear of abandonment that constantly ruins your relationships, or you may have this fear of flying that prevents you from traveling around the world. No matter what your fear is, EFT can help.

What is EFT


EFT is a therapeutic technique that uses tapping on acupuncture points to help reduce the intensity of negative emotions. Tapping helps to release the emotional charge that is locked in the body, which can then allows you to resolve the fear or phobia.

You can use EFT literally for any issue as EFT is a very gentle approach. You can apply EFT to literally any issue, even to fear, anxiety, trauma, weight loss etc.

Benefits of EFT


EFT goes straight down to the root cause of your problem.


EFT is a gentle approach.


EFT is fast and effective.


EFT is easy to learn.


You save money spent on years on therapy.


EFT helps you get control and power back to your life.

About me

I combine Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques in a unique way.

I have extensive knowledge of different psychological issues and I use an array of different modalities and out-of-the-box approaches to help my clients.

I work with people with fears, anxiety and depression in the workplace, phobias, weight loss, money blocks to abundance and more.

*The sessions are being conducted exclusively online and through platforms such as Zoom, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

What people are saying about me

utimono, Music producer

”Vivi is an excellent human and therapist. She was able to unlock fears that I never had a clue existed and were putting me down in all aspects of my life. You know they say “when life gives you lemons…make lemonade”. I’ve been shown a way that I didn’t know existed. The lemons are much much more in my life now and lemonade is flowing! Love you Vivi”.

Kate Richards, Lawyer

”Vivi is a wonderful compassionate person who makes you feel instantly at ease. Able to focus on the issue at hand and help guide you to a positive result. I would definitely recommend her.”

Ana L. Product Manager

”I’ve worked with Vivi for years. She’s been instrumental in helping me shift and transform some of my most deeply rooted patterns. I would highly recommend a session with her to anyone who wants to improve their well-being. It will be a transformative and soul lightening experience for sure! ”

Sani Deli, Biologist

”She gets what you need even if you don’t have a clue yourself!”

Crystal Sun, Sound Alchemist, Music Producer

”Vivi is an awesome energy psychologist who uses a combination of modalities such as emotional freedom techniques (EFT), psychotherapy, NLP and inner child therapy.

I just did an EFT session with her today and had a major breakthrough during our session. She was able to help me dig deep to find blockages that I never even knew were there before. This was my first time trying EFT so I had no clue what to expect and if/or it would even work on me.

My experience was intense in a good way. It did work for me and now I’m clear on what I need to do to continue to release, forgive and heal. Vivi was a pleasure to work with!

I highly recommend her services to anyone who may feel that they suffer from money blocks, depression, trauma or losing weight.

She will help you discover a higher version of yourself and will help you dig through gunk that may be holding you back from living the life you deserve to live.”