What are the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, as it is known, is a combination of psychotherapy and acupuncture.

In EFT we use our fingers instead of needles, at the same time as we are describing our experiences and expressing our emotions and beliefs. Our fingers gently tap on specific points known as Meridians. 


Many people report feeling lighter, stronger, optimistic, relieved and of having a better understanding of their issues.


I recommend booking bundle of sessions instead of single ones, as it would allows you the time to open up and approach your issue gently and gradually.

I am currently based in Greece and I offer sessions through zoom.

Rogelio Diaz

Rogelio Diaz Life Coach

Rogelio Diaz, Life Coach

Eleanor Fong Hypnotherapist

Jen Palko Video Content Creator

Karen Lynn Dixon Messenger and Guide

''Vivi is an awesome energy psychologist who uses a combination of modalities such a emotional freedom techniques (EFT), psychotherapy, NLP and inner child therapy.

I just did a EFT session with her today and had a major breakthrough during our session. She was able to help me dig deep to find blockages that I never even knew were there before. This was my first time trying EFT so I had no clue what to expect and if/or it would even work on me. 

My experience was intense in a good way, it did work for me and now I’m clear on what I need to do to continue to release, forgive and heal. Vivi was a pleasure to work with!

I highly recommend her services to anyone who may feel that they suffer from money blocks, depression, trauma or loosing weight.

She will help you discover a higher version of yourself and will help you dig through gunk that may be holding you back from living the life you deserve to live.''

Crystal Sun, CEO of The SUN

''I’ve worked with Vivi for years. She’s been instrumental in helping me shift and transform some of my most deeply rooted patterns. I would highly recommend a session with her to anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing. It will be a transformative and soul lightening experience for sure! ''

Ana L. Product Manager

''Vivi is a wonderful compassionate person who makes you feel instantly at ease. Able to focus on the issue at hand and help guide you to a positive result. I would definitety recommend her.''

Kate Richards, Lawyer

''She gets what you need even if you don't have a clue yourself!''

Sani Deli, Biologist

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