Why can't we leave

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Why can’t we leave a difficult situation with a spouse, a bad job, a bullying situation and so on. What keep us back? I read on the news sometimes about a husband that killed his family so he can live with his lover, or a kid kill themselves because of the bullying at school. If you think about it, the solution is always there. You can divorce your partner so you can live with whomever you want, or you can ask your parents to move you to another school if bullying is not resolved e.t.c. Why do you have to kill yourself of someone else in order to end a difficult situation? Sometimes the door is open, or the door is always open but we prefer to stay in, feeling trapped and imprisoned. Why do we feel we have no other option left but kill or die? We may think that we are incapable of living on our own, or incapable of asking for help or feeling that nothing work for us and our situation is permanent. Killing someone else is not only unjustifiable but it makes your imprisonment permanent. (Obviously, murder shouldn’t be taken or discussed so lightly but for the sake of my argument let’s say that this is the case). However, there is something else too. We may need to stay in an uncomfortable situation long enough so we would learn and grow psychologically and spiritually, so we will become so hungry for freedom and independence that nothing will  stand in our way when we would decide to leave. Leaving an uncomfortable situation is not only our own decision but rather a combination of other factors and synchronicities. Being trapped and imprisoned is FOR us not against us. We will escape and leave when the time is right but first we need to cultivate patience and strength. Being trapped and imprisoned is preparing us for a life of independence and freedom, full of joy and happiness.


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