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What to do when the Law of Attraction is not working for you

''We attract what we feel, not what we want.''

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool that works for you, not against you. I'll give you an example. Let's say that you are someone who has experienced a loss of a loved one at a very young age and let's assume that grief, feelings of abandonment and rejection haven't been addressed and released.

As this person's growing up, the feelings of abandonment/rejection are still there so the Law of Attraction would be bringing more and more abandonment in their lives. It is because these are core feelings and points of attraction. The person vibrates abandonment/rejection everywhere they go. Their lives would be revolving around abandonment and rejection.

A person who fears abandonment either would be attracting it constantly or he/she would be interpreting all the negative experiences/conflicts/misunderstanding as abandonment. Sometimes when we fear something, we see signs of it everywhere.

No matter how many vision boards you have created, no matter how positive affirmations you repeat every day, the pain as well as all the coping mechanisms you have employed to avoid pain would be there.

What you need to do is to work on the negative feelings and then use the LOA to attract what you want. If you don't release the pain the only thing you'll be attracting would be more pain.

One good way to have LOA working from you is by asking for something and then check the resistance. If for example you want a new car and have created a vision board with photos of it, check how buying a new car makes you feel. If it makes you feel anxious don't push yourself with more affirmations or vision boards. Just spend time exploring the stressful feelings and release them.

If you are feeling stressed when you affirm 'A new car has been given to me then what you have created is a powerful association between something you want and a negative feeling. The words 'given', 'new' and 'car' would be associated with anxiety. The repetition of this statement would make the negative association stronger.

Always remember: We release negative feelings/associations first. Then we use positive affirmations to attract what we want. Not the other way round.

There is something very important I would like to mention here. People love to point fingers and accuse people of being negative or because they have created negative situations in their lives. I think the LOA community needs to be more empathetic towards people. Nobody wants to have negative experiences in their lives and nobody deserves more guilt about creating this for themselves.

Releasing negative emotions is possible and it can be done, sometimes in a matter of hours. Try EFT, it works very well with LOA.

Good luck!

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