Narcissistic abuse

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Working on narcissistic abuse by yourself, practical ways to deal with your emotions

being. I will share below ways to work on yourself when you cannot afford a therapist. First of all I would assume that you recognise that you grew up with a narcissistic parent. If you’re not sure, get on the internet and find as many information as you can about narcissism. I will focus below on practical ways to identify and remove those emotions.

There are some red flags emotions that it is good to work on even if you don’t think you’re experiencing them. Guilt, hopelessness, helplessness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, control So let’s start. Take a pen and paper as always and start writing.

Write down all the reasons you feel guilty about. After you do that, write down all the reasons you feel guilty about related to your parents, focus here on your narcissistic parent.Continue writing about all the reasons you feel or used to feel hopeless being close to your narcissistic parent.Do as above with the feelings of anger, helplessness, fear anxiety, insecurity, feeling controlled, manipulated and gaslighted. Don’t think, just write.

My dear friend, everything you think you know about yourself is a lie, everything your narcissistic parent made you believe about yourself is a lie. It is not easy to think that your parent didn’t have the best interest at heart about you. The good news here is that whatever damage he/she has caused to you, it is repairable. You can do this. Start by expressing your feelings as I’ve shown you and then when you feel you’re done expressing, you would need to start accepting what is. Repeat the statement below as often as you can:

Even if my narcissistic parent made me believe (brainwashed me) that I’m not good enough/or I’m worthless/or I won’t be successful in life and so on what if I am enough/worthy/successful no matter what my dad/mum told me? Use what ifs to challenge your way of thinking.

You can do this, it is possible, you can fill your heart with love and compassion no matter what you went through. You are designed to love and be loved unconditionally, just be who you really are, your authentic self!


Suggested reading:

Love what is by Byron Katie,

The EFT manual by Gary Craig

The Completion Process by Teal Swan


The author is not responsible for any negative consequences experienced using those modalities and advice provided. Please refer to a specialist if you suffer from any mental of physical disorder, take responsibility of your own healing.

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