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How to find love with the Law of Attraction

Everyone nowadays is talking about how to attract your soulmate using the Law of attraction. I'll give you some tips but before I do that I'll give you an example.

So let's say that you feel fed up about being attracted to the same type of situation, for instance, you like someone who shows interest in you but this is not long-lasted as he withdraws and you are left hanging, feeling lonely and unfulfilled. You may be wondering what you did wrong or why did you get the same negative outcome.

Soul searching starts, questions are being answered so you reach the conclusion that you attract people who have your father's abusive behaviour and personality. This breakthrough makes so much sense that you decide that the next time everything will be different. You will choose the right person and you will great.

Then you decide to create a list with all the characteristics you're next partner will have. Sleeves up and off you go with the first list. I want him to be tall, clever, to love me, to be in love with me etc. You make another one for yourself on how you want to feel etc and then you wait. At some point, this new person comes into your life. Not long after, you start feeling loneliness, disappointment and unfulfillment. Again you are wondering what went wrong and why you have attracted the wrong person again.

You don't need to create any lists, you don't need them. Tear up all your lists as you know deep inside you what works for you and whatnot. What you needto do is to find the essence of who you are. Your real self doesn't care that much about appearances and money, it does care though about unconditional love, respect, freedom, independence and this is exactly what you need to come in touch with.

Explore your deepest fears. These are hidden behind the things you say to describe love and romantic relationships. You need help with that as this is the core of you, your protection, the essence of who you THINK you are and it is not easy to let it go without help. It is easier for someone else to help you reframe past painful experiences.

There are no right or wrong people. You attract what is familiar and safe to you. You may wish to feel accepted and loved by your partner but if you don't know how it feels when it will come to your life it will feel strange and uncomfortable. It is because emotional and physical abuse is what is familiar and comfortable to you.


Apart from external help, personal work is required. You need to have at least two tools. One should be used to release negative emotions like EFT and one for installing positive new beliefs. EFT can be versatile as it can do both, release painful emotions as well as installing new positive mindsets. I normally use hypnosis for the latter. I create short hypnosis where I speak and affirm changes as they have already been done.


You may have different blocks about attracting the relationship you want. Let's say you have ten different blocks holding you back. You don't need to find all ten, you just need to find the most intense and stronger block. Once this is identified all others won't have the same intensity, it would be easier for you to let them go later on.


Healing is not a one-time thing, it's a process. You are not going to let go of who you think you are in one day and if you insist on believing that you have set yourself up for a huge disappointment and pain. The one-minute miracles are being built upon years of disappointment, trial and error, loneliness and wonder.


Not all of us have had the same trauma in our lives and different things are working for different people. What you need to do is to find what is working for you specifically.

The change would happen to you, just wait and see!

Love and light,

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