EFT for anxiety

What is anxiety? Anxiety in a few words is our imagination gone bad. What do I mean about that?

Most of us have a very vivid imagination. We tend to ''create'' scary scenarios for future situations as a way to keep ourselves safe. How do we keep ourselves safe by imaging catastrophes?

The way it works is that if we anticipate and know the dangers ahead we will be prepared and ready to fight. If we are prepared then we are safe.

These scary images cause a physiological response simply because our brain cannot differentiate between real and imagined.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are at the edge of a cliff. Now look down. You will notice that you are sweating or feeling nauseous. This is because your brain responded to the image even though is not real.

You can use EFT to reduce anxiety. How? The tapping points are connected to the brain's centre of pain. When you tap on the Meridian points, your brain sends soothing signals in the body.

So by bringing up the scary images and at the same time tap on the Meridian points, you end up having the images but without the physiological response.

This is what EFT does, it creates a split between images or memories and intense emotional response. That means that you may remember a traumatic experience but without the emotion.

When there is not emotion, the image is just an image and nothing else because it has lost its intensity.

You can apply EFT in almost any situation that makes you feel anxious.

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