• Vivi Mark


Updated: Jun 22

Many people will say, 'I injured my arm at the corner of the wall, how can this be emotional?'

I want you to pay attention to your movements when you are angry or stressed. You will find that you are clumsier and careless.

Why? Because there is tension in your body and all your attention is on the scary images that play in your mind and not in what is happening around you.

There is something else as well. If you are someone who is a perfectionist and have a very harsh inner critic then hitting on the wall is a form of self-punishment.

Always pay attention to what is happening in your life when you have an accident. How the accident is serving you in some ways?

For example, you have a good excuse not to write that essay since you are not able to write. If you won't write this essay then you won't be criticised. By not being criticised you won't feel ashamed for any potential mistakes and so on.

So yes, most accidents happen when we are least attentive or stressed and yes many accidents have an emotional base.

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