A call to go to a place

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Have you every felt the urge to go to some place? Maybe you always wanted to go there and you were planning to visit that place but for some reason it wasn’t happening but it seems that now is the right time. Our intuition becomes stronger during the spiritual awakening. We are able to feel the connection with other people and places stronger than before. You may find yourself going to a place for a first time and feel that you know your way around. It seems that you are connected somehow but you don’t know how.

During the Spiritual Awakening your senses are functioning in a different way. It feels that the veil is lifted and you can see yourself not just as who you think you are in the present but also who you were in your past life. By seeing your past life triggered by visiting a specific place or not, your present makes more sense and you develop  trust about who you are now. You have awaken to what you truly are. So if you feel the urge to go somewhere don’t think it twice, there is something for you over there, someone from this or your past life is waiting for you, an important memory to be remembered. Time for reunion!


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