Speaking in front of people doesn't need to be that hard

How does it feel to have the fear of public speaking

You’ve just been told that you must give a presentation to senior management. 

You begin to panic, sweat, and feel as if your head is about to explode. You just want to get out of there and run as fast as you can. 

The planning is a nightmare. It’s as if you can’t think of anything to say or include in your presentation, and your tongue is silent. You either can’t sleep or sleep a little, you eat a lot or you don’t eat at all. You count the hours until the presentation.

Then there’s the big day. You sweat a lot, so maybe this shirt wasn’t the best choice because everyone can see your armpits.

You shake your arms as you greet everyone. It’s finally time. You’re looking at their faces as you speak; do they like what they’re hearing, do they agree? Why was the manager frowning? 

The presentation is over, and all you want to do now is go to the bar and get wasted before going home and sleeping until next year. 

Does this ring a bell? The most common fear is the fear of public speaking, which affects millions of people every day. It doesn’t have to be that difficult, and you can’t keep feeling that way every time you have to give a presentation or speak in front of a group of people.

Fear of public speaking is a distinct phobia that is linked to social anxiety. Social anxiety can affect you in a variety of situations, including: 

  • Interview for a job 
  • Speak fluently in a foreign language. 
  • You don’t ask questions when you understand something important at work.
  • Say no to a salesperson. 
  • Having someone stand next to you and watch what you’re doing 
  • Attending an event 
  • Dating

There is a solution

It is called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or as it is known EFT or tapping. EFT is a therapy that involves tapping on acupuncture points to help reduce the intensity of negative emotions. Tapping assists in releasing the emotional charge that has become trapped in the body, allowing you to overcome the fear or phobia. The more you tap on the Meridian points, the less anxious you will feel. When your anxiety level decreases, you are better able to deal with a situation. 

After tapping, you will:

  • Feel lighter
  • Less anxious
  • More assured and relaxed
  • More concentrated

Energy disturbances can manifest in our bodies as emotional or physical pain, a feeling of heaviness, and inflexibility.
It is very common for suppressed and repressed memories to surface after you begin tapping. This is because specific emotions are associated with specific events, and when you tap, these memories surface.
Meridian points correspond to specific areas of your brain. Your brain sends soothing signals to your body when we tap.
In a nutshell, tapping reduces the intensity of negative emotions, allowing you to recall the events that made you feel bad but without the negative emotions. We are able to do so when there are no intense negative emotions, therefore, we are better able to process information and, in this case, obtain a different perspective on a previous negative event.


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Vivi Mark EFT practitioner


Vivi Mark 


I am an accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner certified by EFT International and I’m specialised in fear and phobias.

My background is in Psychology (BSc in Psychology) and I always combine science and alternative approaches.

Fear of public speaking was my greatest fear, so I understand how it feels to suffer from it. However, I was able to overcome it by using EFT, and I am now able to speak confidently in front of others.

I have helped hundreds of clients overcome their fears and I certainly can help you!


”She gets what you need even if you don’t have a clue yourself!”

Sani Deli


”Vivi is a wonderful compassionate person who makes you feel instantly at ease. Able to focus on the issue at hand and help guide you to a positive result. I would definitely recommend her.”

Kate Richards


I immediately felt at ease with Vivi. She is very good at deciphering the meaning of words. I was astonished that not only did I understand the source of my phobia, but that I was also able to overcome it in only two sessions. Some people are extremely gifted, and Vivi is one of them.

Maria Papadopoulos


I had a social phobia for years and couldn’t get rid of it, even though I knew what was causing it. Traditional therapy helped to control it, but it was EFT that helped to completely eliminate it. Vivi Mark is a very intelligent individual who knows exactly what questions to ask and how to guide you to the answers. I wholeheartedly endorse her.

Ronan Parker

Project Manager