I am an Energy Psychologist with a scientific background. I combine psychological science (BSc Psychology) with alternative therapeutic techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Practitioner), hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Reiki.


In the past, I worked as a Behavioural Analysis Tutor, an approach that works well with people with Autism, before I changed my focus to work in the Market Research Industry as an online Project Manager.


I soon realised though that what I really wanted was to help people and this felt like my mission. It was time for me to give back everything I'd learned throughout the years.

I lost my mother at a very young age and that changed me entirely, as I've realised that nothing is for certain, everything can be lost in a matter of minutes. Having very little support at the time, I was forced to find out for myself who I really was, my real self and that was not easy. I became very creative and learned how to explore a problem from different aspects and I wasn't happy until I had found some kind of relief. I employ the same passion, persistence and creativity with my clients. 

I went through a financial ruin that forced me to look back and see what have I got unhealed, what beliefs I hold about money and what kind of negative emotions I associated with money. All that led me to my unprocessed and unhealed grief about my mother's death. By working relentlessly on myself I managed to repay my debts, stand on my two feet and start building my business.


The majority of my clients are people who had their lives destroyed in one way or another so they come to me to help them putting the pieces back together.

My main focus is on people who are starting with their business now and they find it hard to identify and let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs around their abilities, worth, public speaking, fears around visibility in social media, fear of technology, fear of judgment, fear of camera etc.

I have a proven record of people who managed to overcome their blocks and got new clients fast, felt comfortable to charge for their services and products more as well as they managed to take decisions and risks that led them to a totally different life. Many of them also found the courage to relocate and travel. Check my testimonials here.

You can have everything back, you can feel strong, powerful, confident and happy everyday. It is possible and it can happen, let me show you the way!

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