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Accelerate your business growth in 6 weeks by shifting your being, releasing subconscious blockages and enhancing your intuition.

  • Pain points/Desire

  • Stagnation, tried many business and marketing strategies but not much business results, things seem to be hard

  • Want to manifest more clients

  • Self doubts/ don’t feel worthy in your role

  • Difficulty charging your worth

  • Bored with work/ lose joy

  • Features & Benefits

  • A superior goal setting technique unlike traditional conscious goal setting so that your business goal will be fully acknowledged by your unconscious and you will feel like your goals are finding you

  • An accelerated learning hypnosis so that you can "install" a relevant skill (eg sales skill) or enhance a quality (eg: confidence) in record time to help you achieve your goal

  • An advanced self-hypnosis skill training to significantly enhance your intuition to help you make great business decisions


    Eleanor Fong

Since 2015, Eleanor has been empowering lives through therapy and coaching combining various modalities such as hypnosis, belief clearing, intuitive problem solving and decision making, neurofeedback, heart rate variability biofeedback and energy work.




“Eleanor was very clear in her teachings, especially since I’m a beginner in this area. She was also very understanding of the areas that I wish to improve in. The mental exercises were progressive to ensure that my learning is solid, before we proceed on. Overall, it is an effective and systematic course to better understand your intuitive intelligence, and is definitely an eye-opener to the insights within yourself! Highly recommended, and will be referring my friends too 😊”

Simon Goh, Sales professional


"For most of my life I've had a fear of public speaking. I have the tendency to feel extremely nervous and anxious prior to presentations or speaking to live crowds so I jumped at the opportunity to have a hypnosis session with Eleanor to help me prepare for an upcoming presentation I was anxious about. Eleanor not only helped me tap into my subconscious during our session, but she was able to guide me in my ability to embody traits like confidence and magnetism under hypnosis. With her help, I was able to transfer these positive traits into my actual presentation! Not only were my anxiety levels cut in half before and during the presentation, I also felt as grounded as I did in our session. I know for a fact that I would not have felt as nearly at ease speaking live to an audience if it weren't for her help. Thank you Eleanor!"

Jen Palko, Video Content Creator

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