People wearing hand-made symbolic maskslike paper bag, plastic bottle. It shows the diversity of EFT applications


You can use EFT literally for any issue as EFT is a very gentle approach. As the name suggests EFT is a set of different techniques. Our goal is for our client to experience minimum discomfort during the session as possible. 


Many of these techniques do not require lengthy discussion of the problem so we can use images, shapes or sensations to describe the feeling in the form of metaphors. That minimises the interference of the conscious mind and adds precision in the description of the issue.

Research has shown that EFT can lessen the effects and response of people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well to weight loss and anxiety.


Below you can see a list of issues where you can apply EFT.



For your information, EFT is not a substitute for conventional medical advice/treatment or medication that has been prescribed for you. You should never alter or stop any medical treatment or alter or stop any medication without seeking guidance from your GP or Medical Practitioner.


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